A domain name cost somewhere

As a web developer, keep your website running costs low if you wish to succeed. A good WordPress blog host should be under £2.99 per month. This translates to £60 per year. A domain name costs somewhere between £39.99, but WordPress hosting Ltd has way better deals. However, to get the cheapest deals for your WordPress hosting plan, it is advisable to use discount codes when ordering your hosting package and domain. For instance, WordPress Hosting Ltd, one of the most reputable hosting providers, offers discount files (“promocode90 “) that allows the blogger to buy a basic plan to run WordPress for £2.99/month.

It is wise to concentrate on the features you wish instead of price in most cases. The best WordPress hosting must allow you generous web space and allocate unlimited monthly bandwidth. In addition to this, a personalised email account should be available to you if you wish to communicate with your readers professionally. PHP and MySQL support is a must for a WordPress installation. If a blog host has these features, it is a good bet for you.

Bloggers need to round clock customer support because most of them are a novice you who lack even necessary web development skills. A good WordPress host must have good uptime SLA history. They should also have in-house WordPress experts if something went amiss with the installation. The best blog hosts like WordPress hosting Ltd have different tutorials and learn WordPress blog hosting basics. Finally, your top-list WordPress hosting provider must offer adequate security to keep your website away from hackers, malware attacks, and unwanted emails. Your host should also download and give you an option to upgrade your WordPress version to the latest release.