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Mollusca (məlŭs`kə), taxonomic identify for that one of the most important phyla of invertebrate animals (Arthropoda is the most important) comprising a lot more than fifty,000 living mollusk species and about 35,000 fossil species courting again to the Cambrian time period. Mollusks are delicate-bodied, and most Have a very notable shell. The associates of this extremely thriving and diverse phylum are mostly aquatic and incorporate the familiar scallop, and a variety of others. Mollusks occupy habitats starting from the deep ocean to shallow waters to moist terrestrialniches. Particular mollusks, for example clams, squids, and scallops, constitute significant food staples, and molluskan shells are extremely cleanguider valued by collectors. In times past these shells were being made use of as income and right now are used ornamentally for these kinds of goods as buttons and jewellery. You will discover seven courses of mollusks.Anatomical FeaturesEven though extremely numerous, all users with the phylum share certain typical features. Most Have a very perfectly-produced head, which can bear sensory tentacles; in certain, just like the clam, The pinnacle is quite minimized.

The human body Wall

All mollusks possess a versatile entire body wall, which surrounds a system cavity containing The inner organs. The wall, which may differ considerably in shape in several species, is normally folded to type a construction known as the mantle, which can be attached at the highest of the body and surrounds it just like a tent; the shell is shaped on the skin of the mantle. On the underside of your body the wall will likely be stretched out to form a thickened mass known as the foot. The wall is covered by an outer epidermis and an fundamental dermis. The epidermis typically consists of gland cells that secrete mucus, which in mollusks has many different significant uses, like locomotion, food stuff entrapment, and prevention of water reduction. Muscle tissue is found in the human body wall, and is particularly plentiful inside the foot, which can be employed for locomotion for most mollusks (Despite the fact that some swim and several are sedentary), and while in the mantle in species with diminished shells.

The Shell
The shell is fashioned by secretions of glandular cells during the mantle. Except while in the chitons, the shells of all mollusks are mainly equivalent, differing only in particular mineralogical details. The shell is composed of an outer, prismatic layer that contains densely packed cells of calcareous product secreted by the sting of your mantle; and an internal, nacreous layer of slender, laminated plates of calcareous content laid down by your complete mantle floor. When extremely slim, the nacreous lining of your shell is pearly and iridescent. Layers of the material may possibly sort around a grain of sand or other irritant that lodges in between the mantle and also the shell; this process finally kinds a pearl. Pearl oysters on the genus Pinctada are the most commercially essential pearl formers.

The Digestive Tract
The digestive tract from the Mollusca is advanced. The foregut area is made of an esophagus along with a mouth cavity, which is made up of a toothed belt called the radula, located in Just about all mollusks and peculiar towards the phylum. The radula is frequently useful for scraping food, for instance algae, from surfaces. The selection and method of radula enamel are very variable; some species have one radula tooth while some could possibly have a number of hundred thousand. In some the enamel are hollow and poison-that contains and they are utilised as weapons; other radula modifications exist. The stomachs of mollusks are frequently intricate, and these, way too, differ Using the species and according to the feeding patterns in the animal.


Respiration is through gills named ctenidia (sing. ctenidium), situated in the mantle cavity (the Room among the mantle and the body wall correct) and may differ While using the species and with the kind of habitat. For instance, intertidal marine mollusks are subjected to air and h2o alternately and need to be capable of respire in equally situations; terrestrial species have shed their ctenidia, replacing them with lungs that can function in both of those h2o and air. Excretion of wastes is thru buildings identified as metanephridia and through the body and gill surfaces.

Circulatory and Nervous Programs
The blood circulates from the gill filaments, wherever exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen occurs concerning the blood as well as h2o flowing over the gill surface. Most Mollusker molluskan blood includes a respiratory pigment named hemocyanin, a copper compound. When oxygenated this kind of blood is bluish in color; when deoxygenated the blood is colorless. Just a few mollusks have hemoglobin of their blood. Blood circulation is variable inside the phylum, but is generally mediated by a muscular coronary heart, which distributes the blood to your tissues. Most mollusks have very well-formulated sensory organs. The very best degree of improvement in the nervous program is located in The category Cephalopoda (octopuses, squids, and nautiluses).

Copy is sexual and will be basic or very elaborate. The fertilized egg develops into a swimming sort known as a trochophore larva, that’s observed also in the development of annelids; this then elongates to be a veliger larva, characteristic of mollusks, and differing in form in the various classes.

Class Aplacophora
The category Aplacophora is made up of about 300 species of wormlike, deepwater marine mollusks formerly classified While using the sea cucumbers

in Echinodermata

. These mollusks lack shells and in lots of conditions a foot as well. Typically small, they burrow while in the upper layer of the sea bottom.

Course Polyplacophora
This class is made up of about 600 species of sedentary animals typically referred to as chitons, maritime forms discovered from shallow waters to depths of about one,300 ft (four hundred m). A chiton incorporates a wide foot along with a shell consisting of 8 overlapping plates.

Course Monoplacophora

This course was made with the genus Neopilina, a mollusk uncovered in 1952, when specimens had been dredged from a deep trench off the Pacific Coastline of Central The usa. Neopilina shows primitive molluskan characteristics; it’s the only mollusk with a segmented interior framework and is believed to indicate a partnership between mollusks and annelids. The animal is about 1 in. (2.5 cm) extended and has features of both of those chitons and gastropods, but isn’t going to rather healthy into possibly course. Numerous other species in a number of family members have considering the fact that been found out or discovered as belonging to this class..

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