For anyone that has a liking for realistic-looking stuffed elephant, the Hansa brand is perfect

For anyone that has a liking for realistic-looking stuffed elephant, the Hansa brand is perfect. They are created by artists using pictures of the animals in their natural habitats! Hansa’s animals are all hand-made by artists to make them as realistic as possible, with some of these consisting of more than 200 pieces.

They are also educational, with each one coming with a tag that tells about the animal and how it lives. This is a great learning opportunity for kids who love these types of toys. They can learn about a new animal with each Hansa item they receive.

They also make a lot of more unusual stuffed animals! Hansa includes mice, ferrets, beavers, squirrels, vultures, and lemurs, for example. If your child’s favorite animal is something other than the usual lions, tigers, and bears, take a look at what your local stores offer to see if they have to make a stuffed version. They probably do.

You can use these animals for decorating a room for your child as well. If you want to turn your child’s toy room into a jungle, you can paint the room’s walls like a jungle and then add one or more of the Jungle animal collections that Hansa sells. They cost about $200 to $300 for each collection of 4 or 5 animals. If Jungles animals aren’t your child’s favorites, they also have various other collections, including those for woodland animals, farm animals, safari animals, and monkeys.

You don’t have to purchase a whole collection of Hansa brand stuffed animals — you can also purchase them individually. So if you love elephants, you can buy one or more of the five different versions of elephants offered by them.

What else can you find? Well, there are large life-size and ride-on animals as well as smaller items. They are mostly between two feet and six feet tall. You could get a life-size bear for your office or a ride on American Buffalo for your child to play with. What child wouldn’t like something they can climb up on and pretend to ride? Of course, because these toys are really big, they are also expensive, ranging from $200 to $2500.

Since they are so realistic, they also appeal to adults for use in decorating their offices and their homes, or to have a representation of a favorite animal for their collections.


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