How to create a Homemade Window Cleaner

Are you presently trying to find a good recipe for your home made window cleaner? As a professional window cleaner of more than 14 several years, I’ve experimented with and are already supplied many alternative window cleaning recipes to test.

Even though lots of Qualified window cleaners will likely not easily give away their time-examined magic formula recipes which they’ve made from years of experimentation, there is a simple window cleansing Remedy that you can start with that may get the job done just great.

In this article, I will also talk about The 2 most important  Park City features on the window cleansing solution together with which substances to stop putting into your recipe.

Now, let’s start with The 2 major purposes on the window cleansing Resolution. Very first, it helps to penetrate and lift Dust, grease and other purely natural particles type the glass. 2nd, it offers a lubricant and that is The important thing component that permits the squeegee rubber to travel smoothly through the glass. Should the window squeegee does not have enough lubricant to provide that clean glide, you can much more than most likely end up with streaks every time.

Chemicals – You do not ought to set any harsh substances into your homemade window cleaner. Popular chemical compounds people today usually use are: ammonia, Liquor and vinegar. These chemicals may be a excellent cleansing and disinfectant agent when utilised entirely but, will not be needed to produce a wonderful window cleaner.

The only time you could possibly use these types of chemicals is in case you operate right into a difficult to remove compound for example some kind of sticky residue, paint / lacquer in excess of spray, calcium deposits and so forth. that’s a completely unique subject in by itself.