Slot Sagas That Are Worth Your Time

We all love a good saga, and some are played out in slots that feature heroes and villains. The best examples of this are superhero slots based on comics. However, slots developers prefer to make property rights deals with the comic book inventors and those that turned these heroes into cinematic icons. This way the fans of the comics and the movies can be attracted to the slot game – click to view.

Modern superhero slots tend to utilize the actors from the movies and place their image on the reels. A lot of the other elements from the films are also preserved in the gameplay. Video clips showing scenes from these movies are also integrated into the game. So, with this made, what sagas that have become slots are worth your time? 

Batman Series 

Christopher Nolan gave the Batman saga a much-needed reworking with his trilogy of films about the struggles between good and evil in the fictional Gotham City. These films have also been turned into a series of slots that preserve the dark tones of the movies. 

Batman Begins Slot 

Batman Begins is a 5-reel game containing 20 pay lines and a progressive jackpot. The creative force behind this game and the others in this series is Playtech. The stars and themes of the hit movie are brought to the reels in a game that is well-worth a spin or two. The aim of the game is to help Christian Bale’s Batman save Gotham City from the sinister League of Shadows. The game plays out over 5 locations and each houses a bonus feature. The five locations that need to be unlocked include the Wayne Manor stage, The Temple Stage, Batcave Stage, Arkham Asylum Stage and the Monorail Stage. 

The Dark Knight Slot 

The Dark Knight, again from Playtech is the slot based on the superb follow up to Batman Begins. The slot plays out on a 6-reel platform with 50 pay lines. There are 3 free spins features to be triggered and 2 re spin features in the base game. There are also 4 progressive jackpots that can randomly drop at any time. 

The Dark Knight Rises 

Playtech round off the Batman saga with the final part of the slot’s trilogy, based on the final Batman film effort from Christopher Nolan called The Dark Knight Rises. It’s a 5-reeler game with 576 pay lines. There are Gotham City stacked symbols that carry multipliers. The Fusion Reactor Bonus feature allows you to spin the reactor to win free spins and multipliers. Again, there are 4 progressive jackpots waiting to be won. 

The Best of The Rest 

Thor is an immensely popular franchise and this Norse God first appeared in comic books in 1962. Playtech have had some high-profile problems with Disney and Marvel, despite this, they have managed to develop some entertaining slots based on the Thor movies. Expect typical Playtech fair here with the stars of the films filling the reels, inventive bonus rounds and high production values a plenty.

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