Slots Volatility: What is it and is it important?

Compared to other classic casino games like roulette, blackjack and poker slot machines have definitely had the advantage for most of their history, simply because the basic slot blueprint allowed for many different versions of the game to be made. Of course, there are a few different versions of roulette, blackjack or poker, but nothing on nearly the same level as with the slots industry. 

This has been one of the most critical factors in the slots industry’s consistent growth over the years, as it ensures that gamblers always have a new online slot to play if they get bored – claim online offers today. Something that this variation gives rise to is slot volatility, a lesser-known piece of slot vocabulary than something like RTP, for instance. Keep reading for a lowdown on what slot volatility is, and if its important. 

What is slot volatility? 

Right then, so exactly what is slot volatility, or variance as it can also be called? Due to the fact that online slots work using Random Number Generators, the outcome of each reel spin is random, however each game will also have slightly different probabilities associated with what icons will appear. You might have heard people referring to this when talking about RTP, but the same goes for slot volatility too, just in a slightly different way. 

Each slot will have a different degree of volatility, and what this refers to is the likelihood of landing big jackpots or small wins. High volatility slots, for example, will be more likely to pay out huge jackpots, but not nearly as often as low volatility slots pay out smaller prizes. These games also typically react to bet sizes differently, with high volatility slots suiting larger bets, and vice versa. 

Is slot volatility important? 

You best believe slot volatility is important! In fact, one of the biggest mistakes that many slot gamblers make these days is not knowing enough about it. Slot volatility is incredibly important, because it can give you a clear thing to look for when you are searching for a game to play. If you want big wins go for high volatility, or if you’d rather approach things slow and steady go for low volatility. 

Furthermore, knowing your slot volatility will also allow you to place bets with more tactical precision, something that can often lead to bigger wins. 

The best ways to make the most out of slot volatility 

The best way to make the most out of slot volatility is simply to understand how it works, and then play slots accordingly. 

There’s no point playing a low volatility slot if you are going to place big bets each spin, for example, and there’s equally no point playing a high volatility slot if you aren’t willing to take a few risks with big bets. 

Cool slot games to check out on either end of the volatility scale 

. Jimi Hendrix: You’ve got to love NetEnt’s rock star series, and Jimi Hendrix is a delightful low volatility example of one.

.Raging Rhino: Raging Rhino is a very high volatility slot, perfect for big jackpot hunters!

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